Taxidermists' Source for Wholesale Skull Cleaning & Tanning

Buffalo skullDo you live in a Speedee Delivery area? Save money by shipping us your skulls and skins by Speedee Delivery. They are 1/2 to 1/3 the price of UPS. Or arrange a time with us to drop off your work. We are an insured and licensed facility.

Northern Illinois Skull Cleaning & Tanning provides you with the whitest dermestid bettle cleaned skull and bone services in a timely turnaround. We accept skinned and unskinned skulls.

We also offer antler, horn, skull and tooth restoration, coloration and replication services.

New this year for taxidermists: wholesale prices for tanning. Our tannery offers skinning/fleshing/turning and salting service, wet tan, prepped skins ready for mounting and dry tanning available. We are aiming for within a 90 day completion time on our tanning services. We have studied under Keith Daniels of Arlington Cape this past summer as well as having experience shaving and tanning skins the past 5 years for All-American Taxidermy. All skins are pickled, shaved and tanned with Lutan F, oiled then tumbled. See our price list for species we are accepting for 2014 season. Call for questions and more information.